Eliminate Old Taxes By Filing Bankruptcy

Filing bankruptcy can eliminate old taxes.  For those of you who got extensions on filing your 2017 tax returns, you just had to settle up with the IRS and the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB).  If you owe the IRS or FTB debts for old taxes, you can eliminate those debts with a chapter 7 […]

Don’t Let Fear Of Bankruptcy Cause Your Home To Be Foreclosed

Do you hesitate to file bankruptcy because you are concerned about your credit, even if your home is about to be foreclosed?  Are you more concerned about your credit or the stigma of filing bankruptcy than about saving your home?  Don’t laugh; I have a case like that right now. Marge (not her real name) […]

File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy To Get A Loan Modification

You can file chapter 13 bankruptcy to get a loan modification in the San Francisco Bay Area.  If you are facing foreclosure, you may want to try getting a loan modification in order to lower your mortgage payments.  Our bankruptcy court in the San Francisco Bay Area started a loan modification program in August 2015, where your […]

Hire A Competent Bankruptcy Attorney To Save Your Home From Foreclosure

Do you need bankruptcy protection to save your home from foreclosure?  Trying to do this yourself can cause major problems for you; hire a competent bankruptcy attorney to get you the help that you need to save your home. I just got a call from a man whose 73-year-old father’s home is going to be foreclosed by Wells Fargo the […]

Should You Keep Or Get Rid Of Documents?

Should you keep or get rid of documents like loan documents, tax returns, and statements?  In our complicated society, we are inundated with all sorts of documents.  These documents can pile up to the point of annoyance, and it’s tempting to just recycle them.  There are always exceptions, but the following are good guidelines for […]

Invest In Your Future By Filing Bankruptcy

Wait a minute! How would filing bankruptcy be an investment in my future? The answer is that if you are not doing well now financially, it’s the perfect time to file bankruptcy in order to get rid of debts. If you owe debts that you cannot afford to pay but don’t have any wages that […]

Misconceptions About Using Bankruptcy To Solve Your Financial Problems

If you have serious financial problems, there is a very good chance that bankruptcy would be your best solution. But many people are afraid to file bankruptcy because they think it would ruin their credit or that it’s just for deadbeats. These myths are simply not true. If you are in serious financial trouble, your […]

Contact A Student Loan Attorney To Avoid Getting Ripped Off

If you need help because you can’t afford to pay your student loans, contact a competent a student loan attorney in order to avoid getting ripped off by a debt relief scam.  There are many scams that pretend to be able to help you with student loans.  Some of these scams even claim that they […]

Get Rid Of All HOA Debt For Surrendered Property!

You can now discharge (get rid of) all HOA debt for property you surrender in chapter 13 bankruptcy if you live in California.  The 9th Circuit has just ruled that contrary to previous lower court rulings in our area, all HOA dues are discharged in bankruptcy for people who surrender their property in chapter 13.   Goudelock […]

Solve Your Financial Problems Without Embarrassment

Many, if not most, people who have serious financial problems are embarrassed by those problems, but they are even more embarrassed by considering bankruptcy as a solution.  However, you should not be embarrassed by using bankruptcy to fix your financial problems. It is completely understandable that you are embarrassed because you can’t pay your debts, […]