Lien Stripping

How to Get Rid of a Second Mortgage by Lien Stripping!

Save Your Home and Lower Your Payments!

If circumstances beyond your control have left you unable to make payments on your home, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is one option that may allow you to keep your home by reorganizing your debt into a reasonable repayment plan spread over a period of three to five years.

In cases where a portion of your debt is from a second or third mortgages that are completely underwater, you may have the option of lien stripping those junior mortgages.

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As a result of the housing market crash, countless homes are worth much less than what is owed on the first mortgage.

When your senior mortgage is already underwater, your junior mortgages will be completely underwater.

Under these circumstances, you are usually allowed to lien strip second or third mortgages.

As a result, these loans are converted from loans secured by collateral, to unsecured debt.

Depending on your individual circumstances, the debt may be eliminated entirely, or you may still have to repay part or all of this debt as part of your Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan.

Take Advantage of the Opportunity to Strip Liens Through Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

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