Loan Modification

You can lower your mortgage payments by getting a loan modification.

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The bankruptcy court in the Northern California district has implemented a mediation program for loan modifications.

Under the program, you would make an affordable mortgage payment while we are negotiating your loan modification.

  • The main benefit of this loan modification program is that it has a very high success rate*
  • One of the main benefits to the program is that it is overseen by the bankruptcy court.
  • This can help shorten the process of applying for a loan modification.

For example, documents are submitted through a court-approved process instead of directly to the lender.

  • This feature will prevent the delaying tactic used by some lenders: saying that you did not provide documents when in fact you did.

The Oakland-based attorney and staff of the Law Office of Jeff D. Hoffman will help you through each step of the application process.

  • We will gather documents from you and submit them to the court on your behalf.
  • Attorney Jeff Hoffman will represent you during the mediation process with your lender.

In order to take part in the court’s program, you must file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

  • Filing a Chapter 13 bankruptcy has added advantages of reducing or eliminating credit card debts, medical and dental bills, lawsuit judgments, and even some back taxes.

Getting a loan modification is the only way you can save your home if you cannot afford to pay your mortgage as it is now.

With a loan modification you can:

  • lower the interest on your mortgage to as low as 2%,
  • stretch out your mortgage payments to 40 years, and
  • in some cases, you might get a reduction that lowers the total principal balance on your mortgage.

If you cannot afford the mortgage on your home or property, call us today at 510-451-0290 to make an appointment for a free consultation to discuss whether the court’s new loan modification program will work for you.

* A high success rate does not guarantee that you will get a loan modification, but it increases your chances substantially.

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