Slip and Fall

Are you injured from a trip or fall that wasn’t your fault?  You may be entitled to compensation for your medical care, economic or other losses. You deserve an excellent, dedicated attorney on your side who can get you the compensation you deserve to recover your life. 

We work on a contingency fee basis, which means you only pay us if we get you some money. No upfront fees are involved at all. Read on for more details or contact our Bay Area Slip and Fall Law Firm online or by phone at 510-451-0290 to schedule a free, no-obligation appointment.

You should not wait to contact an attorney as evidence and information that can support your case is harder to find as more time passes since your fall. We’ll work with you to collect the information we need.

We also handle all the negotiations with the insurance companies, the property owner, or other liable parties so you can focus on your health and recovery. Don’t wait to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation with Jeff Hoffman, Bay Area Slip and Fall Lawyer. We are only paid if we get you money so there’s no risk or cost to you upfront.