Can You Afford A Loan Modification To Save Your House?

If you are facing foreclosure, you may want to try getting a loan modification in order to lower your mortgage payments.  Our bankruptcy court in the San Francisco Bay Area started a loan modification program in August 2015, where your loan modification is overseen by the court.  This is a very good program that has […]

Increase Bankruptcy Protections In California

Some people have been unable to use bankruptcy to get out of debt because they have too much equity, usually in their homes, but sometimes in other assets.  SB 308 is a bill in the California legislature that will increase the amount of exemptions for things like your home.  SB 308 has two major provisions.  […]

Fighting Foreclosures

Last week, the California Supreme Court handed down a ruling that might provide a little help for people facing foreclosure. The court held that it might be possible to successfully sue someone for money damages for foreclosing if they can’t prove that they own the loan. This was a very technical ruling, and my very […]

Save Your Home with a Loan Modification

Are you unable to pay your mortgage because you can’t afford the payments, or because you’ve gotten behind on them and cannot afford to make them up while paying your mortgage?  If so, a loan modification may be your only chance to save your home.  Banks have made getting loan modifications rather difficult, but there […]

Filing Bankruptcy can be an Investment in Your Future

Wait a minute! How would filing bankruptcy be an investment in my future? The answer is that if you are not doing well now financially, it’s the perfect time to file bankruptcy in order to get rid of debts. If you owe debts that you cannot afford to pay but don’t have any wages that […]

Do I Need to Include My Spouse’s Income when I File Bankruptcy?

The short answer is generally “yes.” When a married person consults with me as a bankruptcy attorney in my office in the Bay Area, sometimes they want to file bankruptcy under their name alone. They do NOT want to file with their spouse or include their spouse’s income. A common example is a second marriage […]

Bankruptcy Can Solve Your Financial Problems without Embarrassment

Many, if not most, people who have serious financial problems are embarrassed by those problems, but they are even more embarrassed by considering bankruptcy as a solution. However, you should not be embarrassed by using bankruptcy to fix your financial problems. It is completely understandable that you are embarrassed because you can’t pay your debts, […]

File Bankruptcy to Eliminate Your Unaffordable Credit Card Debt

Have you gotten over your head in credit card debt? If so, bankruptcy might be the solution for you. You can eliminate your credit card debts with a chapter 7 bankruptcy, usually without paying anything for those debts. Many people are solicited for credit cards as soon as they turn 18 years old. At that […]

Bankruptcy can Get Rid of Old Taxes After Tax Time

Bankruptcy can eliminate “old” taxes.  It’s that time again when we all have to settle up with the IRS and the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB).  If you owe the IRS or FTB debts for old taxes, you can eliminate those debts with a chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcy. Taxes that can be eliminated must […]

Bankruptcy Misconceptions

If you have serious financial problems, there is a very good chance that bankruptcy would be your best solution. But many people are afraid to file bankruptcy because they think it would ruin their credit or that it’s just for deadbeats. These myths are simply not true. If you are in serious financial trouble, your […]