Prevent Getting Ripped Off in Debt Consolidation

You can lower your total debt payments, like credit card and medical debts, by consolidating your debts.  There are many debt consolidation companies, and a lot of them will rip you off.  However, you can use chapter 13 bankruptcy as a debt consolidation without the fear of being ripped off by a dishonest company.  As an added bonus, you can […]

Filing Bankruptcy Should Not Affect Your Citizenship Status

Are you thinking of filing bankruptcy to get out of debt but afraid that doing so might affect your citizenship status?  While no one can make any guarantees about this, there is no question on the citizenship application about whether you have filed bankruptcy.  (The application does ask about paying your taxes.)  Therefore, filing bankruptcy […]

Get A Loan Modification Now To Save Your House Before It’s Too Late

Are you unable to pay your mortgage because you can’t afford the payments, or because you’ve gotten behind on them and cannot afford to make them up while paying your mortgage?  If so, a loan modification can be the answer to your mortgage payment problems, and it might be the only way to save your home. However, […]

Don’t File Bankruptcy Without A Lawyer

You may file bankruptcy without a lawyer, but doing so can be very financially dangerous.  Of course it is tempting for people in bad enough financial situations that they need to file bankruptcy to try to save money, but that savings must be weighed against the potential risks of making mistakes that could cost even more money. Awhile […]

Attorneys’ Fees Are Dischargeable In Bankruptcy

You can discharge (get rid of) attorney fee debts in bankruptcy.  Betty (not her real name) had racked up substantial divorce attorney fees that she could not afford to pay, and she came to see me about filing bankruptcy.  But Betty was afraid that even with bankruptcy she’d still have to pay her divorce attorney fees.  […]

Debunking Bankruptcy Myths

There are several myths about bankruptcy that I will debunk here.  If you have serious financial problems, there is a very good chance that bankruptcy would be your best solution. But many people are afraid to file bankruptcy because they think it would ruin their credit or that it’s just for deadbeats. These myths are […]

Report Your Cash Income To Get A Loan Modification

You need to report all of your cash income on your tax returns in order to avoid being denied a loan modification due to lack of income.  I have recently had two clients who earned cash and didn’t report this income on their tax returns.  One client was denied a loan modification because of this.  […]

Use Bankruptcy To Get Rid Of Credit Card Debt

Have you gotten over your head in credit card debt? If so, bankruptcy might be the solution for you. You can eliminate your credit card debts with a chapter 7 bankruptcy without paying anything for those debts. Many people are solicited for credit cards as soon as they turn 18 years old. At that age, most […]

Eliminate Old Taxes With Bankruptcy

Filing bankruptcy can eliminate old taxes.  It’s that time again when we all have to settle up with the IRS and the California Franchise Tax Board (FTB).  If you owe the IRS or FTB debts for old taxes, you can eliminate those debts with a chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy. Taxes that can be […]

Student Loans In Bankruptcy

If you are in bankruptcy and are also in an Income Driven repayment plan for your student loans, you might have a problem.  The Department of Education and its student loan servicers are kicking bankruptcy debtors out of their Income Driven repayment plans once they file chapter 7 or chapter 13 bankruptcy.  My position and that […]