Filling Bankruptcy Could be an Investment in Your Future

Wait a minute! How would filing bankruptcy be an investment in my future? The answer is that if you are not doing well now financially, it’s the perfect time to file bankruptcy in order to get rid of debts. If you owe debts that you cannot afford to pay but don’t have any wages that […]

Do You Need to Include Your Spouse’s Income when You File Bankruptcy?

The short answer is generally “yes,” you usually need to include your spouse’s income when you file bankruptcy. When a married person consults with me about their debt problems, sometimes they want to file bankruptcy under their name alone. They do NOT want to file with their spouse or include their spouse’s income. A common […]

Don’t Take Out Student Loans For Your Children

Are you planning on taking out student loans for your children or co-signing for them?  Think twice about doing this.  Student loans are not dischargeable in bankruptcy and are almost impossible to get out of.  The government can even take part of your Social Security payments to pay for federal student loan debts. First, it […]

Save Money By Contacting A Bankruptcy Attorney Now

If you have serious financial problems, contact a bankruptcy attorney now.  Waiting to contact a bankruptcy attorney could cost you a lot of money!  Here’s why: A couple I’ll call Bob and Ann came to me asking for help with the unaffordable credit card and medical debts that they’d accumulated.  A chapter 7 bankruptcy would […]

Don’t Be Embarrassed to Use Bankruptcy to Solve Financial Problems

Do you have serious financial problems but are embarrassed to use bankruptcy in order to solve them?  Don’t be! You should not be embarrassed by using bankruptcy to fix your financial problems. It is completely understandable that you are embarrassed because you can’t pay your debts, because you feel like you have failed in making good […]

Eliminate Unaffordable Credit Card Debt With Bankruptcy

Do you have you unaffordable credit card debt? If so, bankruptcy can eliminate that debt. You can discharge your credit card and other dischargeable debts with a chapter 7 bankruptcy, usually without paying anything for those debts. Many people are solicited for credit cards as soon as they turn 18 years old. At that age, […]

Eliminate Old Tax Debts With Bankruptcy

Did you know that bankruptcy can eliminate your old tax debts?  Tax debts for tax years where the tax return was due at least 3 years before the bankruptcy case is filed can be eliminated as long as you filed your tax return for those taxes at least 2 years before filing bankruptcy! Generally, taxes owed […]

Bankruptcy Will Not Ruin Your Credit

Do you have serious financial problems, but you’re afraid that filling bankruptcy would ruin your credit?  Don’t be!  Filing bankruptcy can fix your credit in addition to its main benefit of getting rid of your debts. First, if you are behind on your bills, your credit is not your biggest problem.  Not paying bills can […]

Don’t Be Embarrassed To Consider Bankruptcy

Do you have serious financial problems but are embarrassed to consider bankruptcy as a solution?  Don’t be!  Many famous people, including Donald Trump, have filed bankruptcy.  In fact, Donald Trump has filed bankruptcy multiple times, and the long list of famous people who have filed goes way beyond him.  In fact, Donald Trump is not […]

File Bankruptcy Before You Get Married

If you have serious debt problems and are about to get married, you should file bankruptcy before you get married.  This could be the best wedding gift that you give to your fiance!  Bankruptcy could get rid of your debts so that they don’t hinder your marriage and your new spouse. Many married people often […]