Suffering A Dog Bite

Did you suffer a dog bite?  If so, the owner of the dog is liable regardless of the reason that the dog bit you, with only a few exceptions (you were trespassing and/or you provoked the dog are the most common exceptions).  So now that we’ve established that the dog owner is liable for your injuries, how do you make sure that you get paid?

Attorneys don’t sue individuals unless they have insurance coverage, because they often don’t pay when they lose.  Homeowners liability insurance policies cover dog bites, again with exceptions (mainly dogs considered to be particularly vicious, such as pit bulls).  Insurance companies will pay if their clients lose a lawsuit or settle the case.  Therefore, if you got bit by a dog and the exceptions don’t apply to your bite, you should get compensated for your injuries by the dog owner’s homeowners insurance.

Injuries from a bite can be severe.  Dog bites are not only painful, but they can cause serious injuries and infections such as rabies.  If you got bitten by a dog, contact a dog bite attorney today.  You are entitled to be compensated for your injuries from being bitten by a dog!