Personal Injury? Seek Medical Attention Immediately

If you have a personal injury, seek medical attention immediately.  Many people wait to seek medical attention when they’ve been injured.  Waiting to seek medical attention for an injury can cause both legal and medical problems for you.  As an attorney, I’ll stick to discussing the legal problems that waiting can cause.

In order to get you money to compensate you for your injuries, one of the things that attorneys getting money for injured people (plaintiffs attorneys) need to show the opposing party the injured person’s medical report or reports.  When  someone waits to seek medical attention, they delay those medical reports, and thereby delay getting their money.  Additionally, the opposing party can claim that the person wasn’t really injured by the incident that they claim, because they would have sought and gotten medical attention immediately if they had been.  For example, I’ve had insurance companies claim that my client was actually injured by something else, because they didn’t go to a doctor or hospital immediately after the incident occurred.  And of course none of this includes the medical harms that could be caused by delaying medical treatment.

Sometimes people don’t feel like they are as badly injured as they actually are immediately after they’ve been injured.  But if you are in an auto accident or any other situation where there is a substantial chance of injury, you are much better off seeking treatment immediately instead of waiting for your symptoms to get worse.  If you’ve been wrongfully injured, contact a personal injury attorney today, and make sure to get medical treatment right away.