Personal Injury & Dislike Of Medical Treatments

Do you have a personal injury, but also have a dislike of medical treatments or doctors?  You’re not alone, and for good reason!  Medical treatments can be painful and otherwise unpleasant, and prescription drugs and treatment drugs like cortisone may have bad side effects.  It also takes time and effort to go to the doctor, physical therapy, etc.

To be clear, none of this is medical advice.  But if you have a personal injury and want to get compensated for it as much as possible, you need to follow your doctor’s advice and orders, and follow through completely with all medical treatments prescribed and/or recommended.  The reason is that if you fail to do so, when negotiating or litigating your personal injury, the other side will say that if you had completed your medical treatments, you may have healed completely, and therefore you are not entitled to as much money.

As an attorney, I may not give you medical advice.  Additionally, some people just have a dislike of medical treatments and doctors, including drugs and other medicines.  But if you don’t “do what the doctor orders,” it will be bad for your personal injury case.

If you are wrongfully injured, contact a personal injury attorney immediately after getting medical treatment.