Pending Personal Injury Matter & Medical Bills

If you have a pending personal injury matter, your medical bills can start piling up.  Medical insurance plans have policy limits, and your policy may leave certain expenses unpaid or only partially paid.  While your medical expenses are part of what you are entitled to recover in a successful personal injury claim, you won’t get that money until the entire claim is resolved.  So, what do you do when doctors and hospitals are asking for money that you haven’t gotten yet?

Most medical providers are willing to wait until you get the money from your claim.  Medical providers usually want you to sign an agreement to pay them after you’ve received the money, and it’s fine to do so, and you can often negotiate a discount once you get your settlement.  Another method of paying medical costs while waiting for your settlement is to use your auto insurance if you have medical coverage.  This money will have to be reimbursed in full once you get your settlement, and should only be used if your medical insurance doesn’t cover the expenses and your medical provider won’t wait until you get your settlement.  A third way to pay for uncovered medical expenses while you wait for your settlement is to get a loan that would put a lien on your case.  This type of loan would need to be paid in full immediately upon receipt of your settlement, and like auto insurance would need to be repaid in full, so it should only be used where no other option is available.

If you have suffered a personal injury due to the negligence or recklessness of someone else, contact a personal injury attorney today.