Hounded By Debt Collectors

Are you being hounded by debt collectors?  There are ways, such as bankruptcy, to get out of debt without fearing or suffering the consequences that some debt collectors threaten.  Let’s look at some of the common threats, whether they’re real, and what a creditor can or cannot do to you.

Creditors often tell people behind on a debt that they will send your account to “collections.”  All this means is that they’re going to try to collect the debt, so it’s a hollow threat.  Some threats, such as sending the police to your house and/or having you arrested, deporting you, telling your neighbors friends and family are illegal and will not be carried out.  The threat of being sued, on the other hand, is quite real, and many people behind on debts have been sued.

Bankruptcy is generally the best way to get out of substantial debt that you cannot afford to pay.  Most people can get debts such as credit cards, doctor & medical bills, and signature loans discharged without paying anything or losing any property in a chapter 7 bankruptcy.  If you have too much income or property that you can’t exempt (protect) in bankruptcy, you could file chapter 13 bankruptcy to get affordable payments that would discharge your debts, and you would probably pay substantially less than what you owe.

If you have serious debt that you cannot afford to pay, contact a bankruptcy attorney today.  Don’t let creditors bully or scare you into doing something that’s not in your best interests, or even into living with stress and in fear.