Get Help With Your Student Loans

Student loans are general unsecured debts like credit cards.  But unlike credit cards, they are not dischargeable in bankruptcy.  Therefore, you have no leverage with which to negotiate eliminating or even reducing student loan debts.  There are a few reasons that they could be eliminated, but those are exceptions.  Generally, the only way to get rid of them is to pay them off or have them forgiven by paying on them for 10-25 years depending on which repayment program you’re in.

Don’t fall for scams by people or companies that claim that they can eliminate your student loans or negotiate a lower the balance on them.  With rare exceptions, this cannot be done, and these people or companies are lying to you in order to get you to give them money.  Some scam companies use official-sounding names and fake seals to make you think that they are affiliated with the government and/or their loan servicers.  Some of them will even use your loan balance to convince you that they are legitimate, some of them will tell you that they have special access to government officials and/or programs, and some of them will tell you that money you pay them up front will pay down your student loans.  Don’t believe any of this!

A competent student loan attorney can get you affordable payments for your federal loans, and might be able to help with your private ones, though private student loans don’t have any of the federal programs to which you are entitled.  If you are having trouble paying these loans, contact a competent student loan attorney today.  Don’t get ripped off by scam artists who promise to get rid of these loans when all they will do is take more of your money.