For A Personal Injury, Tell Your Doctor Everything!

For a personal injury, be sure to tell your doctor everything after you are injured.  Don’t fail to mention any aches or pains, or any other injuries.  This is not the time to be macho or stoic.  Not only is this necessary so you can get adequate medical care, but it’s also necessary in order to get fully compensated for your injuries where you are wrongfully injured.

Some people are hesitant to even see a doctor after an injury.  This can cause serious problems and prevent you from healing properly where an injury must be treated immediately or very soon after it happens.  As a personal injury attorney, my legal concern here is that whoever you sue and/or their insurance company may claim that your injuries were not from the accident because you didn’t tell your doctor about the injuries when you first saw the doctor.

Of course some injuries don’t cause immediate pain, and if you see a doctor immediately after the injury, you won’t be able to tell them about those injuries because they’re not causing pain yet.  But if you feel any discomfort or pain that you didn’t feel before the accident, be sure to tell your doctor.  Again, tell your doctor everything!

If you have been wrongfully injured, contact a personal injury attorney today.