Fix Your Debts With Bankruptcy, Not Fraud

If you need to fix your debts, filing bankruptcy to get rid of them is much better than committing fraud.  What do I mean by that?  Simply that many people think that they can give money or title to property like houses and cars to other people in order to avoid creditors.

One problem with giving your property to your friends or family in order to keep that property from creditors is that doing so is legally considered fraud.  Your creditors can sue your friends or family to get the property that you gave your friends or family in order to avoid creditors getting it.

Another problem with doing this is that if a person to whom you give the property needs to file bankruptcy, having that property in their name might prevent them from doing so.  For example, owning a house with a lot of equity would cause a person in debt to lose the house by filing a chapter 7 bankruptcy and would force them into a chapter 13 bankruptcy that they might not be able to afford and that would be more expensive even if they could afford it.

If you have debt problems, bankruptcy is the legal and proper way to deal with them.  If you have serious debt problems, contact a good bankruptcy attorney today for a free consultation.