Demand Adequate Medical Services!

Demand adequate medical services!  Many of my clients have to fight for the medical services they need.  Unfortunately, in this area we have more of a financial system than a medical system, and medical service providers don’t like providing expensive services.  For example, one client fell and seriously injured his knee.  His knee was X-rayed, but there were no broken bones.  Even so, my client continued to experience severe pain.  I advised him to ask for an MRI, but he was given another X-ray, which again showed no broken bones.  After about another month of severe pain, my client was given yet another X-ray, which again was negative.  He was finally given an MRI, which showed the problem, and he needed surgery to fix it.  My client could have been spared months of severe pain if he had been given the MRI a lot sooner.  But MRIs are expensive, and medical providers don’t perform them unless they have to or are pressured into performing them.

Unfortunately, in our system you have to advocate for yourself and demand adequate medical care.  Don’t let your doctor tell you to just take pain medication for your pain instead of treating you, for another example (this is an ongoing case because my client’s medical provider didn’t give her adequate care or even perform the MRIs necessary to determine what’s wrong with her).

If you are seriously injured due to someone else’s fault, contact a personal injury attorney as soon as you’ve taken care of your medical needs.  The sooner you get an attorney involved, the better for you.