Debt Collector Harassment

Don’t put up with illegal debt collector harassment!  Debt collection agencies can be mean, vicious and unprofessional when trying to get a payment from you. Those agencies may not be willing to compromise with a debtor, and often simply do whatever they can to get money out of you, such as intimidation and harassment. You do not deserve this treatment just because you have gotten behind on payments. Sometimes, financial difficulties prevent us from paying back debts that we applied for with good intentions. Moreover, most if not all of these debt collection tactics are illegal, both in federal and California law, and you may be able to receive damages if a debt collector uses these tactics against you.

Below are some of the usual illegal tactics used by debt collectors:

  • Harassing you with many phone calls and voicemails;
  • Using foul language that is threatening, hostile;
  • Making claims you owe significantly more to the creditor than you actually do;
  • Telling you that you will be arrested if payment is not submitted quickly;
  • Calling you unreasonably late at night or early in the morning;
  • Calling your place of employment to after you have told them not to do so;
  • Discussing the debt with anyone beside you; and
  • Ignoring your written request for the harassment to stop.

We recommend gathering proof of all the types of contact you have received from the collector, whether that be through mail, phone calls, being bothered at work, or something else. The more evidence you have to support your case, the higher your chances are of a substantial monetary award.

If you are battling a debt collector without much success, a contact a debt relief professional today at