Debt Because Of Coronavirus

Have you gotten over your head in debt because of coronavirus? If so, bankruptcy might be the solution for you. You can eliminate your debts with a chapter 7 bankruptcy, almost always without paying anything for those debts. Many people have lost all or a great deal of their income because of the coronavirus. Or maybe you just had some bad luck, like losing your job or having your hours or pay cut for other reasons. Whatever the reason, it’s very easy in this society for people to get behind on credit card debt and not be able to keep up with the payments.

Whatever the reason that you honestly got into unpayable debt with your credit cards, chapter 7 bankruptcy may be the solution for you. More than 90% of consumers who file chapter 7 bankruptcy do not pay anything for their medical, credit card, or other unsecured debts, and those debts are completely eliminated within months after they file bankruptcy.

If you have debts that you cannot afford to pay, contact a bankruptcy attorney to discuss whether chapter 7 bankruptcy would be right for you. Our consultations are free and this could be the best financial move that you make.