Bankruptcy Will Not Ruin Your Credit

Do you have serious financial problems, but you’re afraid that filling bankruptcy would ruin your credit?  Don’t be!  Filing bankruptcy can fix your credit in addition to its main benefit of getting rid of your debts.

First, if you are behind on your bills, your credit is not your biggest problem.  Not paying bills can result in your car being repossessed, your home being foreclosed, your income being garnished, and your bank account being emptied, all in addition to being constantly harassed by creditors.  Bankruptcy can prevent all of these things from happening to you.  Compare this to having bad credit.

Second, filing bankruptcy will not make your credit significantly worse than it already is since it is already bad.  Many of my clients’ credit scores actually increase when they file bankruptcy.

Finally, we can show you how to increase your credit score after filing bankruptcy.  If you follow our instructions, your credit score will be about average after a year, and will continue to increase to above average if you continue to work on it.

If you have in serious debt problems, contact a bankruptcy attorney today.  Don’t let fear about your credit keep you from getting the debt relief help that you need.