Student Loans

What should I do if I’m behind on my student loan payments?  What if I can’t afford my student loan payments?

  • Are you unable to make your student loan payments?
  • Are you in default on your student loan payments?
  • Are your wages being garnished because you didn’t pay your student loans?
  • Are you being sued because you didn’t pay a student loans?
  • Are your tax refunds or part of your Social Security benefits being taken to pay your student loan debt?
  • Are you being sued because of your student loan debt?

You can fix these problems and get affordable student loan payments!

Contact us to schedule a consultation with a knowledgeable student loan lawyer.

With our help you can get out of default, stop wage garnishments and lawsuits, and stop tax refunds and/or Social Security benefits from being taken to pay your student loans.

This is a complicated process that not many lawyers know about, but we can navigate the  system for you.

Private loans, which are not made or backed by the government, are more difficult to deal with, but there are solutions for those, too.

To be clear, it is extremely difficult to almost impossible to get student loan debt wiped out without paying anything at all or without entering a payment program.  However, you can reduce your student loan payments to make them affordable.

For example:

  • Bankruptcy will not discharge this debt without a showing of severe hardship;
  • In order to get a hardship discharge, you must be in an extremely bad financial situation; and
  • You must show that that condition is likely to continue indefinitely.

If you are having serious trouble making your student loan payments or if missing those payments has caused other problems, contact us now to schedule a consultation.